Extracts of Parish Council Minutes


High (Upper) Dunsforth & Branton Green



Page 1              1896

5.                  Proposed by Mr J Pallister sec  by Mr W Sykes that a letter be sent to Mr C M Forbes, 14 New Street requesting his attention to the bad state of repair the cart road leading from Dunsforth to Great Ouseburn also the portion leading to Branton Green we as electors request an early reply.


Page 2              1897

It was resolved at this meeting that we complain to the district council of the bad state of repair of the galegarth and low moor lane which has been repaired by the surveyor of this Parish up to March 1895 and which has had not attention since then from the district council or the surveyor of the district and the council be asked to repair such roads.

Proposed by Joseph Pallister sec by Henry Cartwright that a copy of the foregoing resolution be sent to the district council.


Page 3              1897

Proposed by Mr Thomas Woodward sec by Mr William Sykes that the enclosure award for the parish of Upper Dunsforth with Branton Green be deposited in the safe at Low Dunsforth church vestery.

(noted in margin and attached note that above sent to Yorkshire Archeological Society on 4th July 1940)


Page 4              21st March 1898

4.         Proposed by Hy Cartwright sec by Thos Woodward that Mr Pallister receive the garden rents and expend the same in repairing the galegarth and low moor lane to the best of is ability.


Page 5              28th March 1899

4.         Proposed by Mr Joseph Dawson sec by Mr Joseph Pallister that there be an agreement between Mr William Johnson and the township of Dunsforth & Branton Green for land taken in from the low moor lane as to the rent to be paid for the said land            so taken in and the said land to be measured and rented accordingly the rent to be according to adjoining land.

5.         Proposed by Mr J Dawson sec by Mr Sykes that John Greensit have Galabar Garden for 12/6 per year


Page 7              22nd May 1899

2.         Proposed by Mark Holmes sec by John Gudgeon that the overseers charge to Geo Burton the sum of 1-18-0 for trespassing in the lanes belonging to the Parish of Dunsforth Upper with Branton Green with 19 head of cattle eating the grass in the said lanes from the 8 of May to the 22nd at 1 shilling per head


Page 7              29th March 1900

            Garden Rents due to the parish (marked paid)

            Henry & Mrs Thompson           2 Burn Beck Gardens 9s

            John Winter                                                                  14s

            John Winter                              burn beck                     3s

            E Holmes                                 burn beck                     5s

            E Holmes                                 top lane                        5s


Page 8              29th March 1900

3.         Proposed by Mr W Sykes sec by Mr Wm Dunn that Mr Thomas Woodward be trustee for Casses Charity in place of Mr J Pallister who has left the parish.

4.         Proposed  by Wm Sykes sec by John Winter that E Holmes have Burn beck garden for the sum of 4/6 per year.


Page 9.             25th March 1901

            Garden rents due 25th March 1901

            Thomas Thompson                   2 gardens                     9s

            E  Holmes                                1 beck garden              4s 6d

            E Holmes                                 1 Top lane                    4s

            John Winter                              1 gardens                     3s

            John Winter                              1 pasture gate               14s


Allowed that E Holmes have the 2 burn beck gardens at the rent of 9shillings per year and that Mrs Cass have the corner garden at 3 shillings per year.


Page 10            18th March 1902

            Garden rents due March 1902 (marked paid except John Winter)

            Elliot Holmes                burn beck                                 13s 6d

            E Holmes                     top lane                                    4s

            Mrs Cass                     burn beck                                 3s

            John Winter                                                                  14s


Page 11            March 1902

Re letting the gardens proposed by Mr Sykes sec by John Parker the garden occupied by John Greensitt and Henry Thompson be let and John Winter and Mrs M A Cass


Page 12            Garden rents due 17th March 1903

            1          Wm Crosby                             1s 6d

            2          Wm Crosby                             4s

            3          John Barker                              4s

            4          John Barker                              4s

            5          Chris Lofthouse                        2s

            6          Chris Lofthouse                        3s

            7          John Gudgeon                          3s

            8          James Waddington                   6s 6d

            9          James Waddington                   12s 6d

                        William Dunn’s Lane                 5s


            Gardens towards poor rate a/c

            Elliot Holmes                Burn Beck        13s 6d

            Elliot Holmes                top lane            4s

            Wm Crosby                 pasture gate      14s

John Gudgeon                                      3s


Page 13            17th March 1903

Proposed by Wm Sykes seconded by Robt Robinson that Edward Holmes take over the 3 gardens recently held by the late Elliot Holmes, that is top lane & 3 at burn beck at the same rent namely 17/6 per annum.

Page 14            (cont)

Proposed by Robt Robinson seconded by Wm Dunn that Edw Holmes has Corner Garden along one no 7 as held by John Gudgeon at same rent 3s each


Proposed by Robt Robinson seconded by John  Barker that Jas Waddington has the 2 small gardens on Boroughbridge road for 5s as held by Chris Lofthouse


Proposed and carried unanimously that notice be served on John Gudgeon, John Parker, Hy Cartwright, Mrs E Holmes that they pay for their gaits within 7 days from this date: and legal proceedings will be at once taken against those who fail to pay


Proposed by Wm Dunn seconded by Wm Sykes that the lanes be let and five shillings per head be paid for stock agisted in the lanes to the Chairman of the Parish Meeting to be paid at the next Parish Meeting.


Page 15            22nd March 1904

Resolved: that Robt Chambers of Low Dunsforth have the Gardens Nos 1 & 2 on the high road lately held by Wm Crosby.

Resolved: that Christopher Lofthouse have the beck garden no 3 below the luie lately held by Wm Crosby.


Page 17            24th March 1905

Resolved: that William Proud  have the gardens no 4 & 7 lately held by John Gudgeon


Eatage of Lanes Resolved that William Dunn have the Low Moor for the sum of five shillings

Resolved that William Holmes of High Dunsforth have the remainder of the Lanes of the said Parish for the sum of three pounds.


Page 18            23rd March 1906

Resolved: that Mr Charles Whitelock has gardens no 1-2 let last year to T Chambers

Resolved that Mrs Cass has no 4 garden on the high road side for the ensuing year

Eatage of Lanes, Resolved: that Mr Charles Whitelock have the lanes at 57/6 for the ensuing year of the said Parish excepting Low Moor Lane.

Resolved that William Dunn have the Low Moor Lane for the sum of five shillings.




Page 20            6th April 1907

Proposed by Mr Robinson seconded by Mr Dickenson that Mr J Norfolk has the Gardens no 5-6 at the rent of 5 shillings for the insueing year

Mr Lofthouse and Mr Norfolk have the Lanes for 2 pounds for the insueing year, proposed by Mr Robinson seconded by Mr Sykes.

Resolved that Mr Edward Holmes have the Low Moor Lane for the sum of 5 shillings proposed by Mr Sykes seconded by Mr William Holmes.


Page 21-22      26th March 1908

Resolved J Dawson, O Hudson, George Middleton  & J Kirby have gardens, Edward Holmes have Low Moor lane.

Resolved that the chairman has power to take in cattle to eat Herbage in the Lanes of High Dunsforth and Branton Green, at the rates of nine pence per week for cows and six pence per week for stirks and owner to find tenter.

Anyone found grazing the above lanes without consulting chairman will be summoned.


Page 24            26th March 1909

            Resolved that J Sissons have the long garden for 3 shillings.

            Resolved that E Holmes have Low Moor Lane for 5/-


Page 25            22nd March 1910

Proposed Mr Chapman seconded Mr W Holmes that W Proud have garden no 6 on High Road.

Proposed that by Mr Pick seconded Mr Robinson that Mr Chapman have the eatage of Low Moor Lane for 5/-


Page 28            20th March 1911

Proposed by Mr Middleton seconded by Mr Woodward that Mr Atkinson have Garden no 9


Garden Rents

No 1    Joseph Norfolk             2s 6d

No 2    Joseph Norfolk             3s

No 3    Joseph Kirby                            4s

No 4    Joseph Kirby                            4s

No 5    Joseph Norfolk             5s

No 6    William Proud                           7s 6d

No 7    George Nelson Bell                  3s

No 8    William Proud                           3s

No 9    T A Atkinson                            13s 6d

No 10  Edward Holmes                        4s

No 11  Christopher Lofthouse  14s

No 12  James Chapman Lane               5s

No 13  George Middleton                    14s


Page 30            18th March 1912 at Plough Inn

Proposed by Mr Norfolk seconded by Mr Middleton that Mr Bell have Low Moor Lane at 5s 6d for the year

Mr Norfolk no 1, 2 & 5 Gardens, Mr Kirby no 3 & 4, Mr Proud no 8, Mr Atkinson no 9, Mr Holmes no10, Mr Lofthouse no 11, Mr Chapman no 12 Lane, Mr Middleton no 13 garden.

            Five shillings to be paid to Mr Atkinson for use of room for meeting.


Page 32            17th March 1913 at Public House High Dunsforth with Branton Green


Garden Rents: No 1,2 & 5 Mr Norfolk, No 3  4 Mr Kirby, No 6,7, 8 & No 12 Low Moor Lane Mr Bell, No 9 MrAtkinson, No 10 Mr E Holmes, No 11 Mr Lofthouse No 13 Mr Middleton


Page 36            23rd March 1914

            Garden Rents

Mr W Smith 1,2,3,4,5,14 £1-12-6, Mr Bell 6,7,8 & Low Moor Lane 17s, Mr Dixon 9 &10 17s 6d, Mr Lofthouse 11 14s


Page 37            26th March 1915

Garden Rents & Low Moor Lane W Smith, Joseph Norfolk, Dixon & Lofthouse.


Page 40            27th March 1916

Garden Rents & Low Moor Lane W Smith, Hayes, Dixon, Kettlewell & Lofthouse.

Page 43            20th May 1917

Gardens & Lane Smith, Hayes, Norfolk, Dixon, Kettlewell, Allenby & Lofthouse.


Page 44            Special Meeting 13th November 1917

To consider rateing of Gravel Pit.  Resolution passed that chairman write to the Board of Guardians protesting against the Rates has Mr Stubbs is taking Pay for any Gravel that going out of it


Page 46            15th March 1918

            Rents received.


Page 47            18th March 1919

            Rents received.


Page 50            24th March 1920

Rents received.  Proposed that W Smith appeal to overseers or the proper quarter re rating of Grafton Gravel Pit


Page 54            23rd March 1923

            Rents collected.

Proposed that Mr Abbay be asked the surveyor of the Union to the bad state of the following Bye Lanes Gale Gate Lane, Inghams Lane, Keld Lane from High Dunsforth to Branton Green.



Page 58,60,61,64,66,68          

1924,1925,1926.1927, 1928 Rents collected for gardens and Low Moor Lane .


Page 67            27th March 1929

            Proposed Mr J Norfolk secd Mr Holmes that a gate and posts be purchased for garden no 12.  Also the lane known as Low Moor be cleared


Page 69            March 1930

            Proposed that Low Moor Lane be let to Mr Carradice on condition he burns briars and cleans up the same.

            Garden rents received.


Page 72,74,76,78,80,82,84,86,88,90,92,94,96,98,99

1931 – 1945    Garden rents received.


Page 81            19th March 1936

            Proposed Mr Barton, sec Mr Norfolk that the road in Galegarth Lane be attended to, labour done by Mr Harrison.


Page 83            16th March 1937

            A resolution was passed that we join with Great Ouseburn in Coronation Celebration & also that we take £2-10s from our parish a/c in aid of the same.

            The work done in Galegarth Lane by Mr Taylor received approval.


Page 85            16th March 1938

Proposed Mr Hayes sec Mr Barrit that the Dyke running through Garden no 12 be cleaned out at the Parish’s expense.


Page 87            16th March 1939

The chaiman was instructed to pay the sum of £1-5-0 to Mr W Lofthouse for trimming & material for Allotments hedges at Burnbeck & York Rd Corner.


Page 89            19th March 1940

Proposed Mr Cammage clear road in Galegarth Lane at cost of £3 to be paid when work is finished.


Page 100          Special Meeting 12th June 1945

To let Broadgate Lane the property of the Parish which had been ploughed out by Mr W Lofthouse.

Mr Cross proposed that Mr lofthouse be allowed to retain the lane on payment of 5/- a year.  The road to be made useable.


Page 102          24th March 1947

Proposed Mr Ireland that Mr W Lofthouse be written to and told not to plough the centre of Broadgate Lane only the sides on the rent he pays. Seconder Mr Peacock.

Proposed Mr Cross that the drain in Inghams lane be cleaned at the Parish expense. Sec Mr Ellis.



Page 103          15th March 1948 Chairman’s report

With reference to the new pumping station in Gallabar Lane attended Claro building Knaresborough and it was agreed that 50/- be paid as a nominal sum for the right of way.

Page 105          15th March 1948

At a special meeting convened by the council with councillor Ashton in the chair it was decided to accept the 50/- from the council for the foot road in Galabar Lane.


Page 105,106,109,110,118     

1948 – 1949, 1952, 1957,1959           Garden rents received.


Page 107          16th March 1950

            Mr A Wright raised the question of a faulty drain near the Pinfold and Abbayville at High Dunsforth.  The Chairman was instructed to communicate with the RDC concerning this.


Page 108          18th March 1951

            The Chairman reported on the survey of Ancient Rights, footpaths and by-ways.

            It was felt desirable that if obtainable some filling should be deposited in the slack places in Inhams lane.


Page 115          19th March 1958

            Garden Rents Mr Ellis: High Road Gardens, Burn Beck Garden, Inghams Garden, Gale Lane Garden.  Mr H Taylor: Triangle Garden, Mr G Barton: High Road Grass, Mr R Greaves: Galabar Garden.  Mr C Lofthouse 5s.


            Mr Fairburn proposed that Mr Hayes be paid the sum of £6-6s as a contribution towards the cost of clearing bushes and burning same in Inghams Lane.


Page 117          13th October 1958

            The meeting was arranged to discuss a proposal by Nidderdale RDC to close the footpathby Waltham House.  No objection was raised.


Page 121          17th March 1960

            Last meeting of Upper Dunsforth with Branton Green.  Amalgamated with Great Ouseburn and Marton cum Grafton.